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Insights to Innovation Series

The Insights to Innovation is the start of our shared journey towards growth with digital transformation. We've designed it so that you will learn about the same tools, techniques and technology we use in our digital engagements practice.

The series will start on the Tuesday, 25th of August with our 45 minute innovation panel session. More information below.

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The Innovation Panel  

To kick the series off, we'll be hosting a panel discussion with our facilitators where we'll talk about some key points of innovation, and provide answer questions from the audience.

This is a 45 minute session starting at 10:15 on Tuesday the 25th of August, 2020.

James Boult

An avid user of Human-Centred Design & lean methods, he has been Head of Product in a large technology company, an executive member on a Crypto Start-Up, & Director and Principal of a creative agency.

Eoghan Neligan

Eoghan has held a number of key technical roles in organisations including KPMG, Probity Consulting, Cargill International and the University of Auckland.

Gage Keenan

Gage is the head of Cybercraft's Digital Engagements. He has worked with MarTech, Adtech & WebTech in his previous roles, bring a wide knowledge base to every digital engagement.